Welding & Metal Fabrication Technician


Salary rates depend on the industry/sector of employment. Entry-level salary may range from P8,000 to P13,000 per month and may even go as high as P15,000 to P20,000 for highly-trained and experienced welders.

Basic Educational Requirement

To be a Welding and Fabrication Technician, one must undergo a three-year post secondary non-degree course in Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology.

Cost of Education *

The basic tuition fee for a 3-year course in Welding and Fabrication Technology is around P15,000 per semester. High school graduates can avail of the DOST-SEI Scholarship Grant to pursue the course in welding and metal fabrication.

Employment Opportunities

Welding and Metal Fabrication Technicians may find employment in various settings: in metal working industries, welding plants, and in construction, both local and overseas. In the overseas market, welders are highly-in-demand and are among the top occupations with the highest recorded deployment in the construction industry.

Prospects for Career Advancement

Career advancement is highly dependent on pursuing further studies or training along his area of specialization. Welders can be promoted as foreman or supervisor after gaining considerable working experience. Welders can also become entrepreneurs by putting up their own welding shops.

Nature of Work

A Welding and Metal Fabrication Technician performs the different basic and advanced metal welding processes.


  • Joins and cuts metal products using gas flame, electric arc, thermite compound and other methods;
  • Operates resistance welding machines;
  • Uses blow torch to make and repair lead linings, pipes, floors and other lead fixtures;
  • Brazes metal parts together; and
  • Joins metal parts by soldering.

Skills and Competencies

  • Knowledge and hands-on-experience in basic and advanced metal welding processes;
  • Aptitude for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry;
  • Knowledge of non-destructive tests for welding; and
  • Analytical skills.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

  • Physically fit;
  • Manual dexterity;
  • Arm-hand steadiness; and
  • Near Vision.

* Based on 2011 rates.