“We believe that key to a progressive nation are building on its human resource base and providing the Filipino jobseekers with an effective and efficient environment in their job search, skills development, career advancement, and access to labor market information.”

 Welcome to the new website of the Bureau of Local Employment!

The BLE, as the local employment arm of the Department of Labor and Employment, has been fully committed in promoting decent employment to each and every Filipino by facilitating their access to local employment opportunities. At BLE, we believe that key to a progressive nation are building on its human resource base and providing the Filipino jobseekers with an effective and efficient environment in their job search, skills development, career advancement, and access to labor market information. This, when achieved, not only will enhance individual capabilities but will collectively contribute to the country’s development and drive the country towards achieving inclusive growth.

Over the years, the Bureau has engaged in various programs and projects that cater to helping the Filipino labor force especially the youth find productive employment. In securing that efficient and effective employment intermediary services are provided to Filipino workforce, the BLE takes on the technical supervision and assistance to the Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs). Through the PESOs located in every LGU in the country, prompt, timely, and efficient delivery of the employment service programs of the DOLE are carried out. To ensure that employment services are implemented incessantly, the BLE has been advocating for the institutionalization of the PESOs which guarantee that services provided to the jobseekers are delivered by people steadfast in their goal to encourage local employment.  Further, the Career Guidance and Employment Coaching program of the Bureau was further enhanced through collaborative efforts with various NGAs, thus the creation of the Career Guidance Advocacy Program which enhances the career guidance and employment coaching provided to jobseekers as well as increasing access to labor market information (LMI).

The Bureau also provides bridging programs which improve youth employability through the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) which gives assistance to poor but deserving students and out-of-school youth in pursuing their education; Government Internship Program (GIP) which provides 3-month internship opportunity to college graduates wanting a career in the government; and the DOLE 2014 flagship program called JobStart Philippines under the Employment Facilitation for Inclusive Growth Project financed by the Government of Canada and administered by the Asian Development Bank which aims to assist youth to become more employable and improve their integration to productive employment, as well as capacitate local PESOs in providing full-cycle employment services to jobseekers.

Access to labor market information is also being promoted by the Bureau through its enhanced job search assistance and labor market information system programs. The Phil-JobNet, for one, an internet-based job and applicant matching system of which the National Skills Registration Program – which has been a joint effort of the Department and the PESOs to establish and maintain   a registry of skills at the community level, is a component of, provides a venue for ease in searching for jobs and recruiting people. Another is our regular and special job fairs which fast-track meeting of jobseekers and employers/overseas recruitment agencies at minimal cost, and the Job Search Kiosks wherein applicants can find all the necessary information when looking for employment opportunities. Moreover, various research and publications are being developed and disseminated by the BLE to provide accurate signals on what is happening in the labor market. These are Labor Market Trends, Career Information Pamphlets, Industry Career Guides, Career and Employment Guides for Trainers, and the most recent JobsFit LMI Report 2013-2020 which identifies key and emerging industries with corresponding skills requirements and issues that need to be addressed. All these are programs aimed at assisting jobseekers in finding decent employment.

Responsive regulatory policies are also offered by the Bureau to ensure effective recruitment and placement as well as protect the welfare of Filipino workers and jobseekers. Among these are the Local employment regulation to regulate participation of private individuals and entities in the recruitment and placement of workers for local employment; Alien Employment Permit (AEP) designed to safeguard interests of Filipinos against employment of foreign nationals; and Technical Assistance in International Trade Agreement on Movement of Natural Person.

In this time of economic upturn, we are keenly aware of the heightened need to match economic growth with increase in employment as well as address the pressing issue of job and skill mismatch. The programs of the Bureau are designed to tackle these various challenges that confront the local labor market.

At BLE, we believe that the ability to address crucial issues in the labor market originates from relentless drive on innovation, collaboration, execution, as well as the dedication of the diverse pool of personnel in the Bureau who jointly improves and looks for ways in advancing the services offered by the BLE. Hand in hand we move closer to achieving the goal of inclusive growth.

We look forward to continuing to address labor market issues and provide ways to help the Filipino jobseekers find decent and productive employment.