The second day comprised of an in-house discussion to further enlighten the participants on the importance of PESOs, as well as to encourage them to institutionalize the PESOs in their localities.

Mr. Ian J. Ticar, PESO Focal Person of BLE, delivered the presentation on the salient features of R.A. 10691, reiterating at the same time that the PESO is an integral part of the rapid progress of the socio-economic aspect of an LGU.  In the afternoon, Ms. Luningning Vergara, the Provincial PESO Manager of Pampanga, demonstrated the steps to be taken towards institutionalization in conjuncture with the strategies and approaches that she personally utilized in permanently establishing the PESO which she has been managing. 

The demonstration was a great contributing element in inspiring the PESOs on working harder and convincing Ms. Luningning Vergara (the one wearing blue) of Pampanga PESO discussing the best practices of her office. Local Chief Executives and PESO Managers from Regions 1, 2, 3, and CAR pose for a group picture inside the Office of Pampanga