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Quick Response Team The DOLE - Quick Response Team

The Quick Response Team of the DOLE assists workers who were displaced by closures and retrenchments of industries/companies. Each Regional QRT nationwide provides employment re-entry opportunities and assistance.

As a safety net measure, the QRT is a calibrated service delivery aimed at helping workers cope with the adverse effects of globalization and trade liberalization.

A package of assistance program will be made available by the QRT such as:

  • Profiling of displaced workers
  • Employment guidance and counseling
  • Facilitation of payment of separation pay
  • Employment matching and referral for wage employment (using available facilities such as Phil-Jobnet and Jobs Fair)
  • Information on and certification for SSS loan availment
  • Skills training/upgrading for wage and self-employment
  • Referral to other DOLE programs
  • Referral of qualifies displaced workers to other government and non-government organizations for technical and financial assistance for livelihood or self-employment.


Workers who were displaced from establishment closures and retrenchments reported to the DOLE


For wage employment - Job matching and referral is available through:

  • Phil-Jobnet - an internet-based job matching system available at computer workstaqions in all DOLE Regional Office and Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) nationwide. Displaced workers may file their application and/or search for vacancies online.
  • Jobs Fair - an arrangement where prospective employers and recruitment agencies gather in one venue for a specific period to accept applications and interview jobseekers for possible vacancies locally and abroad. The QRT may make this arrangment.

For self-employment - Displaced workers may be referred to the following DOLE training and livelihood/enterprise development programs available such as:

  • Promotion of Rural Employment through Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (PRESEED) especially for displaced rural workers
  • Workers Organization and Development Program (WODP) - displaced workers may form into an association and avail of financial assistance
  • Working Youth Center (WYC) specifically caters to displaced workers aged 15 to 30 for its training cum production scheme
  • Women Workers Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (WEED) is especially for displaced women workers
  • Tulong Alalay sa mga Taong may Kapansanan (TULAY) offers specialized skills training for self-employment for displaced persons with disabilities.

For skills training and upgrading, the TESDA has the following training program:

  • Community-Based Entrepreneurship Training Program
  • Training Assistance Program for Displaced Workers

For temporary employment, the following may be made available:

  • Placement in Public Works Projects - workers may be hired on a per project basis by local government units or DPWH for infrastructure projects.
  • SPES for Dependent of Displaced Workers - students aged 15-25 who are dependent of displaced workers may be employed for a maximum of 45 days during summer vacation or 15 days during Christmas vacation.

For referral to other extension or support services, the QRT may collaborate with other government agencies and private organizations for the following services:

  • Business incubation
  • Provision of common service facility, tools and equipment
  • Seed capital/credit facility
  • Business/marketing link and trade fairs
  • Management training and other specialized training
  • Day care facilities (at or near job sites)
  • Cooperative organizing


Go to the nearest DOLE Regional Office or to Public Employment Service Office (PESO) at the local government unit in your area. The DOLE Regional QRT will immediately provide employment guidance and counseling and/or job matching and referral services. For other types of services, the QRT will make the appropriate arrangements or referrals.

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